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When you think of Rodeo Drive, you may only think of the world class shopping, which has a reputation that precedes it around the world. You may think of the dining, as many Rodeo Drive restaurants always garner five stars. Most likely, you may think of countless images in movies of this unforgettable and timeless street. With so many places your mind can go, there’s no reason you can’t also dream of owning Rodeo Drive real estate.

The shopping district of Rodeo Drive, located in Beverly Hills, is actually only about three city blocks. Rodeo Drive actually stretches much further, and that’s where you’ll find Rodeo Drive real estate. Many people in Los Angeles view Rodeo Drive as a destination – you can make it your home. From single-family homes to town homes, there is a wide variety of Rodeo Drive real estate available. There are also many luxury homes, gated communities, and luxury estates along Rodeo Drive that are available for even the choosiest buyer.

Living on Rodeo Drive gives you incredible access to the lifestyle of Los Angeles. Whether you wish to get out to the beaches of Malibu, enjoy the nightlife along the Sunset Strip, or keep an eye out for your favorite Hollywood star, you’ll have plenty to look forward to when living in your home right on Rodeo Drive. Ask Renée Avedon, realtor and Rodeo Drive real estate specialist, how you can be a part of the vibrant lifestyle here.

Are you an international investor looking for Rodeo Drive real estate? Renée grew up in Europe and speaks 5 languages, ensuring that all her clients from around the world have competitive access to the many exclusive properties in this incredible market.

Contact Renée today by emailing to start your search for Rodeo Drive real estate.