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When people from all over the world first think of Hollywood, what tends to come to mind is The Sunset Strip. The mile and a half stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood is famous for being at the core of the entertainment industry. But the strip also displays a wide range of boutiques, restaurants and upscale clubs frequented by the rich and famous. Because of the proximity and close vibe with the entertainment elite, Sunset Strip real estate is incredibly popular. Anyone with a property up for sale here, be it a luxury condo or other, is wise to use a professional Sunset Strip listing agent to ensure a successful transaction.

Renée Avedon knows the Sunset Strip, just like she knows and has plenty of valuable realtor experience in the neighboring communities. As your dedicated Sunset Strip listing agent, she’s got what it takes to market your home. Not only does she handle all her transactions with confidence and care, she keeps communication channels open all the time; when you deal with Renée you deal with her, not an assistant. You get her undivided attention when she is your Sunset Strip listing agent, and she will be your loyal partner all the way through to when the contract is accepted and the transaction closes.

As your Sunset Strip listing agent, Renée knows what luxurious properties lie hidden among, above and behind the huge colorful billboards of this vibrant neighborhood. She knows that many buyers who search for homes here come for the hillside views, and many are curious of the peaceful, winding streets off of Doheny Drive and Sunset Plaza. With access to buyers looking for everything from single-family homes, luxury condominiums and townhouses in this part of Los Angeles, Renée will as your Sunset Strip listing agent reach the right kind of audience for your home. The buyer for your property may be in Paris, Texas or Paris, France – wherever they may be from, Renée has all the knowledge and experience to market your home worldwide, and can successfully communicate and manage international transactions.

Whether you own a house overlooking all the way towards the Pacific Ocean or a condominium with a view over the city lights, call on Renée to apply her professionalism and expertise as a Sunset Strip listing agent. She will ensure a seamless and profitable experience for everyone involved in a transaction.

Renée is your best Sunset Strip listing agent. Call her today for the best possible property representation or email her at

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